Launch of the Interpat South Korea IP Study

Value of IP for health and growth : The economic benefits of strengthening the innovation environment in South Korea.

We are excited to launch a new report on IP in South Korea .

The study will be presented at Interpat’s Summer General Assembly in Seoul  on Wednesday 14 June 2023 and will form the basis of discussion for a panel of experts moderated by Andrew Jenner


Innovation Seminar

Launching the IP PACT: Our approach to Intellectual Property with patient and societal benefit at its core

Medical innovations driven by the biopharmaceutical industry have played a fundamental role in helping people live longer, healthier lives. As the global population’s health needs become increasingly complex, it is ever more essential that we research and develop life-saving medicines and vaccines to meet these challenges. Intellectual Property (IP) has been central to great scientific advances and for ensuring that patients have access to this innovation. IP helps foster long term investment to benefit patients – today and tomorrow.